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Thank you for enquiring about our 2022 Beehive Nucs

What is a Beehive Nuc?

A Nuc is a start up box of bees with a queen so that you can start your own hive. The bees and Queen are places into a small ^0cm x 30cm coreflute box (returnable for a refund). This this box is 5 standard (ideal) frames of bees.

What other equipment is required for me to start my new hive?

For you to purchase a Nuc from us you must be prepared with all the equipment. A bit like when you buy a puppy, you must buy all necessary items to care for it.

Things you will need:

If you would like to order a Nuc/Hive/Equipment, please use the contact form below.

Nucleus (Nuc) of Bees & Queen

3 or 4 ideal box hive. Example picture of a standard hive.