Tasmanian Honey Store

If your product arrives damaged

Occassionly, we find that Aust Post delivery can deliver a parcel from us damaged because of the parcel being dropped or had something fall on it during transit.

So we have created this document for you to follow some important steps:

The simplest way is to firstly contact us so we can log the damage on our system secondly to get the broken product with packaging straight to an outlet (Post Office) so it can be assessed. Then make sure you request to waive the compensation and request the sender be paid it instead so we can resend you your product. That way we can start that process straight away our end and you get the product quickly. If you choose to receive the compensation yourself, then please create a new order on our website & pay for it, for us to send you a replacement.

AUST POST: We require the receiver to take the packaging and damaged item into a corporate post office to have a damage assessment report completed with the postal manager. We currently do not accept photo’s of the damage at this stage. The postal manager will complete the assessment and the damaged item and packaging will be held at the store until the outcome is provided. Your customer will be given a reference number for the assessment and within 5 days of that being completed, a colleague will contact your customer to discuss the outcome of the assessment and any applicable compensation for the damaged item.

So sometimes, in cases where compensation is offered to the receiver of a damaged parcel, they can if they choose to waive the compensation and request the sender be paid it instead.

Please opt for this option if you are requesting Tasmanian Honey Store to send you a new product replacement.