In The Hive Newsletter: January 2022

We hope you all have had a wonderful summer thus far, that your Christmas and New Year was everything you’d hoped it be and that the fun is far from over! We spent Christmas in the Tasmanian bush surrounded by our beautiful family and couldn’t have asked for more sunshine on the day.

Thank you for transitioning into 2022 we are beyond happy to be packing orders and harvesting fresh raw honey again this warm season.

What are we up to as we speak?

As I currently write, it is miserably wet and grey, the first rainy day we’ve had of the season. The bees are most certainly staying warm in their hives and, we’re switching between feeling way too hot and then somewhat cold… humidity, am I right? We’re not accustomed to it us Tassie folk. Alas, we carry on!

Harvesting has very much begun and, the honey kitchen has never felt more packed and busy. We spin our frames the day they arrive back on the property to ensure we pack and label your raw honey as untouched as possible. Harvesting can feel like a long and sticky process at times, but our season in Tassie is short-lived and, we must act fast.

January Value Pack

Includes: 1 x 1KG Clover & Leatherwood, 1 x 500G Eucalyptus & Prickly Box

We hope you enjoy the rest of your January, that the sun is hot, the drinks are ice-cold and the honey is raw.

Happy summer buzzin’
Delilah McGill

Newsletter Editor

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