Into the wild West Coast of Tasmania for Leatherwood & Manuka

Michael and Ben hit the road at about 3:00 am this morning to travel down the west coast to place some hives in their temporary summer homes. Taking off this early is necessary as the bees are a little more relaxed in the dark and, the cooler air means they’re happier to stay within their hives.

Once they arrive at their destination about 3 hours away, Michael and Ben will unload and tend to the hives to ensure they’re settled in their new temporary environment.

Just a little while ago we received a few photos of some Leatherwood and Manuka sites and couldn’t help but share!

This site may look like it’s full of rock and rubble (which it sure is) but no doubt there is an abundance of local flora the bees are already getting stuck into.
A little lusher, this is the thick bush of Tasmania’s West Coast we’re all familiar with. The sun is shining and, the worker bees are wasting no time buzzing about exploring their new surroundings.

Michael and Ben are always giddy like kids on Christmas Day when this time of the season rolls around. We love their unfiltered excitement about placing hives in their sites and a few weeks later returning with tons of raw honey. We couldn’t ask for a better dream team than these two!

Happy Summer Buzzin’
Delilah McGill

Newsletter Editor