Tasmanian Honey Store

Our Story

Welcome to our little world of Bees. Michael started his bee enthusiasm back in Western Australia around 2010. We always had 3 or 4 hives around the gardens and farm. I seem to remember once or twice a year, dripping honey buckets in my kitchen and a plate of honeycomb in the fridge which he’d make all our visitors taste.

We moved to Tasmania in 2015 and unfortunately because of strict quarantine rules we couldn’t bring our hives or equipment with us.

To our delight we found two hives sitting under a green guage tree on the Tasmanian farm we purchased, which rekindled the spark. Its wasnt long and we had bought a small 3 frame spinner, some new hive boxes and tools.

Michael became obsessed with growing his hive numbers and put out a community call for any swarms needing removed. He eventually started breeding his own line of bees which caters to their temperament & hardiness. This was a success and we haven’t looked back.

Michael & I are a husband & wife team running our 60 acre farm in North West Tasmania. We own and manage a well known quarter horse stud. I have a side business to the horse stud & selling yearlings, sharing my knowledge with my members & training horses. The farm also has historic cottages which we renovated back in 2016 and now run these as farm stay accommodation. These two businesses keep us busy.

The Apiary business suits our lifestyle here on the farm. Michael does all the caring and nurturing of the bees and is in charge of handling and harvesting as well. We both run tight schedules and allow days for honey production, days for gardens & horses & we take on casual help as we require.

So if you order our honey online it will be processed by myself at our packing station on the farm. Orders come in thick & fast every week for all varieties of honey heading to all parts of Australia. I will generally employ someone to help pack and process orders 1 day a week and handle the rest of the orders myself.

And there you have a little snap shot of us and what we do in our spare time, LOL.