HEATH Raw Honey 500G


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HEATH Raw Honey 500G

Our Heath honey stems from the shrub found along the coast in salty climates and bears a flavourful experience, unlike any other honey. Found mostly in open and exposed environments such as coastal fronts or mountain ridges, Heath is characterised by low-growing plants, with small hardy flowers and leaves to withstand the drying windy climates.

Honey bees flock to coastal Heath without hesitation as there tend not to be many options when it comes to flowering plants on the west coast. This gives our Heath variety a distinct and individual taste, very much one of the salty earth in which it lives upon.

We harvest our honey and immediately return it to our commercial kitchen to spin, pour and pack. No heat treatment and only one course filter meaning you experience Tasmania’s honey in its finest form, Raw.

Limited stock available on some varieties.

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