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RAW Prickly Box Honey 1kg

Prickly Box or Christmas Bush Honey is a unique type of honey that originates from Tasmania, Australia, similar to Leatherwood honey in its regional specificity but distinct in flavor, color, and source. This honey is produced from the nectar of the Prickly Box bush (Bursaria spinosa) or sometimes referred to as the Tasmanian Christmas Bush, due to its profuse white blossoms that appear during the summer, which coincides with the Christmas season in the Southern Hemisphere.

Here are some key characteristics of Prickly Box or Christmas Bush Honey:

  1. Flavor: This honey is known for its delicate and mild flavor. It has a sweet, slightly spicy taste with subtle floral undertones, making it a favorite among those who prefer a less intense honey. Its gentle flavor profile allows it to complement various foods without overpowering them.
  2. Color: Prickly Box honey tends to have a light amber color, which can vary slightly depending on the season and the specific conditions under which the nectar was collected. Its appealing color and clarity make it visually distinctive.
  3. Texture: The texture of this honey is typically smooth and moderately viscous, making it easy to spread and ideal for use in various culinary applications, from sweetening teas and beverages to enhancing the flavor of desserts and baked goods.
  4. Health Benefits: Like many raw honeys, Prickly Box honey is believed to contain antioxidants and antibacterial properties, although its specific health benefits may vary. It’s often sought after for its potential to soothe sore throats, support digestive health, and provide a natural source of energy.
  5. Cultural and Ecological Significance: The production of Prickly Box honey is important for Tasmanian beekeepers and contributes to the island’s diverse honey industry. The Christmas Bush plays a role in the local ecosystem as a native plant species, and its blossoming is an eagerly anticipated event that signals the beginning of the honey production season.

Prickly Box or Christmas Bush Honey, like Leatherwood honey, reflects the unique flora and pristine environment of Tasmania. It offers honey lovers a taste of the island’s natural bounty and is another example of the region’s capacity to produce distinctive, high-quality honey varieties.


Would you like to know about the plant our bees visit? Here is the information on the famous Prickly Box plant :

All of our varieties are collected from Tasmanian Wilderness across the rolling lands from Strahan to Smithton.

Limited stock available on some varieties.

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